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  • What is Escort Classifieds?

    Escort Classifieds are escort ads that are usually can be found on different escort websites.
  • What is Anal Sex?

    Anal sex is sexual expression mostly from the porn industry, it means sexual penetration into the anus.
  • What is Golden Shower?

    Golden shower means that the sexual excitement is associated with urination, so the escort girl must urinate / pee on the ground, bed or even on the client's body.
  • What is Sexpartner?

    A sexpartner is someone who you make sex with, doesn't matter if it's only oral sex, normal sex or anal sex. There has to be some kind of penetration between the sexpartners.
  • What is PSE?

    PSE stands for porn star experience. Many clients like to order escort girls that are porn stars as well, to get a professional sexual service as they think (and it's often true) that porn star girls are far the best lovers in the bed.
  • What is Oral sex?

    Oral sex is a sexual activity where the sexpartners stimulate the genitalia of a man or woman by using the mouth (tongue, lips, sometimes even teeth or throat).
  • Beach party in Cannes

    Beach party in Cannes

    16.09.2014. 18:28 NEW
    We went with my love to Paris for a vacation, because we wanted to spend our time in one of the most romantic places from all over the world. We stood in Paris for only a few days, because I was bored of so much romanticism, I wanted to have fun, to sunbath on the beach, to party all night. Few years ago, I saw “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” and I remembered the landscape from that...
  • Paris escort service from a call girl

    Paris escort service from a call girl

    24.03.2014. 20:27
    This story will be about one of my works, which happened to be in Paris. I’ve been working with a professional escort agency for about 6 months when they organized me a hotel work in Paris. First of all you have to know that Paris escort service is different here, than the escort jobs in German speaking countries, as Paris escort services are not really legal in Paris. However Paris escorts...
  • Paris sex

    Paris sex

    24.03.2014. 20:30
    It happened a few years ago with me, when I was working as a Paris escort in the city of love. Usually as an escort girl in Paris I had nice time and I could enjoy the famous places as well, and I loved to have sex in Paris. One day I received a call from my agency that a possible client wanted me for an outcall. I said yes, as this seemed to be a work where I could make lots of money. Money and...
  • The Paris work is done - 2.

    The Paris work is done - 2.

    24.03.2014. 20:30
    My airplane landed. I’ve got my packets at the airport and I was waiting at a café. A new Paris escort has just arrived... How I get here? Read it here! Few minutes later my telephone was ringing. It was my client. He asked me where I am. I told it and five minutes later he reached me. I recognized him because of his smile. I saw a tall, thin man in his thirties. His body was...
  • An escort girl in Paris - 1.

    An escort girl in Paris - 1.

    24.03.2014. 20:31
    I returned home with my new experiences and with a lot of money from my first escort work. James was satisfied. We have agreed to meet again. After I have unpacked my suitcase in my place I called Jessica to tell my experiences. We met in the evening in our usual place, at the café. I didn't know that soon I will be one of the escorts in Paris. A new Paris escort is on the way -...
  • My last day in Paris as an escort - 3.

    My last day in Paris as an escort - 3.

    24.03.2014. 20:33
    So I’m in Paris, for the third day, doing some Paris escorts fun. My client asked me out for a date. In Paris hotels, we are not allowed to do escorting, so normally, my escort agency organize the dates outside, or to their place. Of course in some safe hotels Paris escorts have place to work safely. Therefore, we have to be smart and careful. As we were walking and talking (this is quite...
  • Sex with my client - 2.

    Sex with my client - 2.

    24.03.2014. 20:34
    After leaving this beautiful restaurant as Paris escort, we were heading to another part of the city. It’s called Montmartre. If you haven't read my story, you can find it here. If Paris is romantic, than this place is unbelievable romantic! The small streets with the nightlights were amazing. He had a flat up there. We walked up on the stairs, and opened the door for me....
  • My first escort job in Paris - 1.

    My first escort job in Paris - 1.

    24.03.2014. 20:36
    It happened once, that my escort agency called me if I would like to go to Paris for a week, for an escort job. They also told me that I have to be careful working as one of the escorts in Paris, because it is not fully legal to work there like that. They told me what I will need to bring with me, and the time I should stay there. This escort agency promotes me in Paris for free, which is great....

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