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An escort girl in Paris - 1. erotic story

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I returned home with my new experiences and with a lot of money from my first escort work. James was satisfied. We have agreed to meet again. After I have unpacked my suitcase in my place I called Jessica to tell my experiences. We met in the evening in our usual place, at the café. I didn't know that soon I will be one of the escorts in Paris.

A new Paris escort is on the way

- Well, how did you like it, Zoe? – Jess asked me.

- It was really fantastic. We spent our time in a beautiful place and I felt amazing. James was totally fool about me. He loved as I spoiled him with my mouth. Maybe this could be the reason he wants me again. – I answered smiling.

- Congratulations honey! The life of the escorts isn’t so hard, is it?

- No, it is not. Traveling, party, sex, money. All that things I like.

- My dear Zoe! I’m glad to see your happiness and there is another work for you. Do you want to be one of the Paris escorts? I should go to Paris, but I can’t because I will be busy. Would you like to go instead of me?

- Of course Jessica and please tell me the details!

- All right! So you would be an escort girl in Paris as well. I’m going to send your pictures to the client and if he likes you, I will give a call.

Paris escorts work in the city of love

It is so funny that I just wanted to tell my experiences and I have another work also! I haven’t got any time to count the money I've just earned! I’m going to be an escort girl in Paris, if the guy likes me. As I arrived home I took some underwear pictures and I sent it to Jessica. After two days I felt unlucky, because there was no answer about the job. It was 6 o’clock when the telephone was ringing. Jess called me.

- My dear Zoe! I have great news! My client has seen your pictures and he is amazed by you. Your underwear pictures are really cool even with my female eyes. I’m not admire he needs you. So you are going to travel to Paris as an escort girl on next Friday for 2 days. You will have to go to the guy’s place, but of course he will pick you up at the airport.

I had the contact with my client and we agreed about the appointments. He have already booked my airplane ticket. I went for a shopping before my trip. I could spend money calm in my mind, because I have known that I could earn more soon. So I bought beautiful under wears, sexy and elegant dresses in which I seem to be even more irresistible. I returned home fulfilled with self confidence as all women are after shopping. I was trying the dresses and meanwhile I was thinking about the money that I gonna earn as one of the Paris escorts.

An escort girl is ready to fly to Paris

Slowly the expected time was here. Fortunately I have packed my suitcase some days before, so I just had to go to the airport. I have taken a hot shower, I prepared my makeup and dressed in nice clothes. When I reached the airport I sighed as I usually did, but right now I was braver to go. It was hard a little bit to know that I became an escort girl of Paris, but the show must go on.

We started, so decided to sleep during my travel, because if I arrive to Paris, I won’t sleep - my client will want me. So I have slept during the travel and I woke up with tons of energy. I was ready for the wonderful city of Paris.

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