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Beach party in Cannes erotic story

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We went with my love to Paris for a vacation, because we wanted to spend our time in one of the most romantic places from all over the world. We stood in Paris for only a few days, because I was bored of so much romanticism, I wanted to have fun, to sunbath on the beach, to party all night.

Few years ago, I saw “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” and I remembered the landscape from that movie, and I was sure: I want to spend the rest of my vacation there in Cannes, with my love, drinking champagne and cocktails all day, dancing in the moonlight and have sex in the sand. We booked a pension there and in just few hours we arrived, everything was just amazing.

When we arrived, I took my slip on and we went to the beach, to have fun. In the evening, some guys told us there will be a party on the beach. I was lucky, because this was my dream.

I dressed myself with a very floppy summer dress, with lot of flowers, sexy white with pink lingerie, but this time I went without high heels. I was sexy, because I am a tall girl, high heels are not necessary accessories. My love dressed with a sexy T-shirt, I could see his form, this makes me horny all the time, but when he started to dance so sensually with me, I was sure: I want to fuck with him in the middle of the party. I whispered this in his ears, and I could feel how he had an erection.

In a second we were in the middle of the party, and after few seconds, we started our prelude far from the party people, in the sand, under the moonlight. Everything was just perfect. He started to kiss my whole body, but when he arrived to my wet pussy, I was wet like the ocean. I couldn’t wait to penetrate me with his perfect cock. After he finished caressing me, I started to play with his penis. It was so tasteful, I loved to make him blowjobs, he was so sweet, this is the reason, I played a lot with his cock, I started slowly, but when I heard he starts moaning, I offered him a fast deep throat. He stopped me but pulling my hair, he put me in doggy style, and we started to fuck like it was our last time. He know how I like to be fucked, I was in the seventh heaven, and he offered me orgasm after orgasm, till I told him I want him to fuck me in my ass, because I was pretty sure, after he penetrates me in my ass, he will come hard.

I am a big anal fan, I could enjoy sometimes most this kind of sex than normal one. I felt each pulsation of his dick, I heard him moaning loader and loader, faster and faster, and I was sure: he will come. After few moves, he came in my ass, and I was very happy, because I could see the satisfaction on his face.

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