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The Paris work is done - 2. erotic story

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My airplane landed. I’ve got my packets at the airport and I was waiting at a café. A new Paris escort has just arrived... How I get here? Read it here! Few minutes later my telephone was ringing. It was my client. He asked me where I am. I told it and five minutes later he reached me. I recognized him because of his smile. I saw a tall, thin man in his thirties. His body was thin, but sporty. His face was very nice boyish. A real French – I thought. He was smiling as he would wait his girlfriend not an escort girl in Paris who came for money...

- Zoe? - he asked.

- Yes I am - I answered smiling.

- Great! My name is Jeremy. Nice to meet you!

The first client as a Paris escort

He has spoken English in a dialect that made him even more sexy. Jeremy took my packets and we went to the car. We got in the car and I enjoyed the sight. During the trip I have seen the Eiffel Tower and other famous things of Paris. It is good to be one of the Paris escorts I thought...

I have never been in Paris before so this way was a really great experience for me. At first we went to a restaurant. Before we sat at the table, he helped me to take my coat off and he pulled the chair out for me. As I wouldn’t be an escort girl rather I seemed to be his girlfriend. I was looking the menu, but I was not able to choose. I trusted in Jeremy to decide about the food.

He asked a glass of Sauternes. At first we have eaten snail which could sound bizarre a bit, but it was really delicious. The main dish was canard l’orange. I have had great gastronomical experiences with Jeremy. Escort girls in Paris can live a great life.

My experience as a Paris escort

In the restaurant Jeremy was talking about his life. He talked about his wife also. He said she is beautiful, but she is not enough for him sexually.

- Anal sex. I can’t persuade her to do!- he told sadly.

It sounded terribly that he will cheat on his wife because of this, but I have money because of these terrible things. Anyway, this are good news and I am an escort in Paris so I have to do my escort job. I tried to appear as empathetic as I just could. I grabbed his hand and I whispered the next words to his ears:

- My dear! You can live all your perverse fantasy on me! You can feel like heaven during this two days.

Jeremy was smiling, but I made him excited with my words. I knew because he paid immediately and we left the restaurant. He drove the car quickly and at the first hotel we stopped. He got the best room, but I had no time to look around because his hand has already been in my panties. I didn’t know it even nowadays what he has whispered to my ears in French, but it has sounded cool.

I started to enjoy that I am one of the Paris escorts. The guy kissed my neck with increasing fire. He was hungered. That is why a beautiful escort girl in Paris can be good. We never ask questions, we just do what we need to do. Pay for us and you can feel like heaven.

Paris escorts have wild sex

Jeremy started to undress me. He was like a little boy on Xmas Eve when he unpacks his gift. I loved as he leaded his power over my body and I let him to live all his dreams what his wife would never let.

- Oh, Jeremy! I want you!

- Merci! - he answered breathlessly.

I can not form the words about  the fire between us. We pitched each other as it would be the last sex in our life. He has lifted me up and pushed me strongly at the wall. We kissed and we could feel our heartbeats. I embraced his waist and I let him to penetrate. I was screaming… I didn’t care about how loud I am and I didn’t even care about his marriage. I wanted to have Jeremy’s soul and body also at that moment. We enjoyed it very much.

When we finished he opened a bottle of wine and we discussed having appointments regularly in the future.

I have provided a satisfied client - me, Zoe, the escort girl in Paris

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