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Paris escort service from a call girl erotic story

/ Auteur:

This story will be about one of my works, which happened to be in Paris. I’ve been working with a professional escort agency for about 6 months when they organized me a hotel work in Paris. First of all you have to know that Paris escort service is different here, than the escort jobs in German speaking countries, as Paris escort services are not really legal in Paris. However Paris escorts can have the chance to earn better than in other European countries as French men are among the most horny ones, who are willing to pay for escorts in Paris.

Paris escort service in hotels

My agent called me to arrange with me the details personally about this trip. He said that I can be among the best Paris girls as my type is always among the best earners. I was happy to hear this, as I was not sure about how well I can earn with my Paris escort service, First of all my escort agent told me, that I have to work in hotels which are safe for this kind of Paris escort service. There were a few hotels we could choose from, I had to reserve for myself a room for 7 days. It was not easy to find any hotel rooms, as many Paris call girls were working in the same hotels at the same time but for different Paris escort agencies. I was lucky as I could reserve a room around 1000 Euros in two weeks, because usually girls had to look for rooms 4-6 weeks before their tours to get one. I paid the room with my credit card, then I checked the plane tickets and I bought one for that date as well.

Paris escort service versus studio works

The most important reason why I took the small risk to invest into this trip and work with higher prices than usually, that I didn’t want to fuck with so many clients. To tell you the truth, I’ve heard that luxury Paris escort service can be easier than other countries. My only concern was, that I had to invest my hotel room and plane ticket, but without risks people cannot make good deals or have success.

The other news from the nature of Paris escort service was, that Paris has usually younger and more sexually talented clients than many other countries. For me sex is important, and even as an escort in Paris I wanted to have some great fucks as well. Of course it’s not always possible to have only nice clients, sometimes you have to deal with men who you would never ever even talk with, but this is just the nature of our work. I was very excited about the whole escort tour and I was ready to rock the city with my Paris escort service.

Paris escort service through an agency

Well, my Paris escort agency was really one of the best agencies you could get, with big experience on the “adult market” and lots of existing clients. They had over 8000 registered paid members in their database who have been with girls before, and they’ve made me a promotion on this list and online as well. I was really happy to work with them, as they were also correct, the people who handled the phones and messages replied to my clients in minutes, so everything went fast and flawlessly. This agency was working with high-class and porn star escorts as well, with one of the highest reputation not only in Europe, but in many other countries. Soon I received my first orders for my Paris escort service, I had to be ready soon, as my first client wanted to meet me later this evening for two hours. I was happy to have a longer appointments than to have 2-3 small ones, this made the whole work easier. I quickly packed out my things and went to take a bath.

Well my first guest was a young guy, I think between 20-25. I usually loved to get such clients, and I have to tell that the guy had a sporty body, nice face, so I was happy. He said he was working for a delivery company, but his parents were rich and sometimes he goes out to nightclubs or order Paris escort service for himself. Well, this time he was looking for girls on the Internet, he saw the banner of my Paris escort agency many times so he believed it was a trustful company.

He was very cute, he paid the normal one hour and asked me to take a shower with him if possible. I just finished my shower, but he was so nice that I made an exception and went with him. We stayed under the shower and started to wash each other. I used the soap and cleaned his body, but he couldn’t wait too much to touch me and started to wash me as well. I let him to wash my boobs for a long time, also my ass and pussy. I’m sure among the Paris escorts he had I was one of the most beautiful one, as he just couldn’t stop washing me. I told him to go out, he said among escorts in Paris I have the best body he has ever seen. I was very proud, and asked him to follow me to the bedroom.

Paris escort service in the bed

I never thought that this nice, young guy will fuck me so much, but this is what happened. I’ve already realized that he had a huge, thick dick, but when I sat on the bed and started to suck him, he became bigger and bigger, couldn’t fit the whole thing in my mouth. Basically Paris escorts have to deal with hard sex sometimes, this is what I’ve heard, because French guys like to fuck like crazy. This guy was stone hard after about 5 minutes of intensive sucking. He asked me to take his cock as deep as possible, which went only about half way down because of his size. I was rubbing and sucking it, licked the penis around and looked into his eyes. My young “boy” was moaning as he enjoyed my blowjob a lot. I loved to suck dicks and did it well, so I wasn’t surprised at all when he stopped me and asked for a condom. We started to fuck from the front, he had to be slow and careful during the penetration until my pussy could let him in. After this, he started to fuck me hard, non-stop for at least 10 minutes, I was shouting and enjoying it a lot, I haven’t been fucked so well for many weeks. Soon he asked me to turn around, so we started to fuck in doggy style.

Part of the Paris escort service was of course every position. The doggy style made me pain a little bit, as he had a big dick and was my first client during my whole Paris escort tour. Anyway he fucked me well again, even from the back, which I loved to feel. Maybe his dick size or his movements made me feel my G-point so much, but I had my second orgasm from behind soon. My body was shaking and I was screaming. It was time to make him cum as well. “What do you want from your Paris escort girl darling?” – I asked, while I hardly could breath. He asked to turn on my back, he wanted to fuck me from the front while we were kissing. This time he was very careful, like if I would be his girlfriend, his movements were sensual and he was kissing me all the time. It took a very short time when he started to groan loud and started to pump his sperm inside my pussy. He fell on the bed next to me, while holding me with his arms. He didn’t want anything else, I think he was tired as well as he fucked me well. I wish I had more clients like him. He was polite and went away before the one hour Paris escort service was actually finished. He promised me to write a positive review, as he loved to be with me.

Paris escort service during the tour

Well, I had some good fucks during my week, and I had at least 3 clients every day, sometimes much more, which was a good average. I earned back my investment in the first 2 days, which was a very good result as my Paris escort agency told me. I even had time to go out a little bit for shopping, to take look at the Eiffel-tower and to go to gym twice on that week. My Paris escort service got great reviews, and I ended up with a nice amount of profit.

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